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    Hi, I've been looking at PDA stuff, particularly the Visor, for about the past month. I plan on buying one pretty soon but have some questions. How easy is it to install programs on them and become good with them? What exactly are all the "hacks" that people keep talking about. also, is it safe for the visor to be overclocked with the programs that are mentioned here or does it sacrifice the product's life? Thanks, any information would be appreciated, or any other information that is pertinent to a new (or soon to be new) user.

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    >How easy is it to install programs on them
    Very easy, generally just download it and double click.

    > and become good with them?
    Depends on the program, most are simple but some few can be quite cryptic

    >What exactly are all the "hacks" that people >keep talking about.
    Hacks are similar to TSRs, there is a program called Hackmaster that controls and configures them. Generally hacks alter the functions of other programs.

    >also, is it safe for the visor to be
    >overclocked with the programs that are >mentioned here or does it sacrifice the >product's life? Thanks, any
    I've seen several postings saying that some of them work. Overclocking will shorten battery life. I haven't seen anything indicating how much it might shorten the life of a Visor.

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    EVEdit Hack

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    Most everything you might want to know is available in these forums.
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    Downloading and installing programs is EASY, easy ... just remember:

    Most software for the palm is quite intuitive, as the small size of the computer and its apps would suggest. Grafitti is the key to PalmOS and once you can make the alphabet and a couple of punctuation marks you can do anything. Grafitti is not at all difficult to MASTER.

    The Palm systems are little computers, so if you're generally good with your desktop, you will find the PalmOS a simple change-over; if you have difficulty with your desktop eMail client, for example, you will have difficulty with the applications on the Palm.

    I do not know why you would want to overclock the Palm, although I know it can be done. I run medium sized spreadsheets in Quicksheet and they do not re-calc as quickly as Excel. But, not so slowly that I cannot live with it.

    By the way, I keep saying Palm, because the Visor runs the PalmOS, it's just not sold by 3Com.

    "Hacks" are system modifications. I have tried both Hackmaster and EVPlugBase, to run hack on my Visor. I use EVPlugBase(free) as opposed to the Hackmaster ($5). They're about the same, so far as I can tell, with minor interface differences. Both are safe and the hacks modify basic PalmOS operations in ways that are quite useful. I'd suggest you look at FindHack and PhlegmHack, as well as the other list.

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