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    It's that time of year again to reassess how I can more effectively manage my time. Based on the memory issues, I have decided to keep my T600 (still having the original one I bought in Oct. 2003 with no problems!) and not upgrade to the T650. I did put a 1Gb SD card to provide plenty of memory. Having said that, now I'd like to determine what's new in the software arena and solicit some opinions.

    The major apps that I'm running currently include: AvantGo, Documents to Go, Pocket Tunes, SnapperMail, SplashID, eReader, The Athlete's Diary, Bible+, and PowerRUN.

    Some areas that I'd like to get recommendations on include:

    * Personal finance - I have Quicken on my PC, should I look at Pocket Quicken, Splash Money, or something else?

    * Time management - I currently use the built-in calendar. Should I look at something like DateBook 5 or Agendus?

    * Sales management - hand-in-hand with time management, I'd like to be able to track sales calls and integrate call scheduling and tracking with the calendar, to-do list, and contact database.

    * Business planning - Although I could use a simple document file, I'm wondering if there is anything to help track business goal attainment vis-a-vis a small business plan (ie, revenue, sales, marketing, competition, etc.)

    * Other - anything else that you might find helpful to manage time better personally and professionally.

    In general, I like apps that were designed with the T600/650 in mind. I also like apps that have desktop components to facilitate easier entry/management when I'm on my laptop (ie, SplashID is neat in this regard). Price doesn't matter as much to me as long as the software works well. I've reviewed a few threads out there on this board and have a few ideas, but thought it might be helpful to consolidate the latest thinking for us T600 folks in a new thread.

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    On the finance issue....I personally use Pocket Quicken and have been ever since it came out. This has been a great program for me, especially in the regards that I always have my balances with me without having to call an 800 number. While the price is higher than Splash Money, its conduit and and ease of use has saved me 10x the cost in NSF charges. The best thing about the program when it all comes down to it, is that I use it because its there. Without having it on my palm, Quicken on the desktop wouldn't be used. Note I haven't tried any of the other finance programs besides Splash Money, but I can say that the seemless integration for me makes up for any cost difference.
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    I am also doing some research on some of these topics. Regarding the personal finance, I have read on TC threads that the Ultrasoft Money and Microsoft Money are the best one-two-punch combination on the market. I've read that other pda apps will not enable the user to log an entry on the pda and have it sync with the desktop; one-way syncing only from desktop to pda. I was looking for syncing in either direction freeing me up to do the data input on my Treo or on my desktop.

    From the analysis I've done on the PIM front, I'd have to guess that one of the major apps like DateBk5 or Agendus will properly combine and handle a few of your bullet items. Specifically, the Time and Sales Management areas. I understand Agendus to have the upper hand with regards to incorporating the contact database. See this link for head-to-head comparison

    I've been drooling over this pending PIM from PDA Performance called Life@Hand but a recent checkup to their website revealed it will require 320x320 high res screen minimum so no-go on the T600

    I've recently started playing with a couple of goal-setting/measuring apps for kicks such as LifeBalance, Target, and Time Game. Not doing handstands yet on any of them.

    Not sure if they have a pda app but worth searching through to determine if they have a compatible utility for the Treo. You mentioned you also work often with the desktop so I thought I'd mention this one in case no pda option.

    I am personally drawn to apps that are smart, fast, and help me organize myself while not draining more time while organizing. I rely fairly heavily on MonthPlanner, 2day, TAKEphONE, mVoice, ToDo2, PsMemo, PalmOne Mail, Skweezer, Directory Assistant, BackupMan. Many others like CallFilter and pTunes but wanted to list my main usage. I'm sure I'm missing a lot out there and am finding myself drawn to re-explore Agendus. Very interested in this thread. Hope this is all helpful.
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    Thanks for the input guys...good comments.
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    Big fan of Agendus.
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    Do you have any problems with Agendus crashing? I'm demoing both Agendus and DateBook5. I like Agendus' functionality better, but it keeps crashing. DateBook5 seems to be more stable.

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    I use Agendus on my 600; I'm not sure how it will work on a 650. I don't have any problems with it crashing however.
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    I ended up going with Agendus 9 instead DateBk5. I evaluated both and really liked the additional views and flexibility of Agendus. The Agendus Windows Desktop and hotsync capability makes a nice addition when I have my laptop up and running. Thanks for the suggestions and comparison link. I will say that DateBk5 is more stable. I have found a repeatable bug in Agendus that pertains to the assignment of Active Agenda icons. It simple resets the Treo - more of a nuisance, than a fatal flaw - but any reset caused me to loose a little confidence in the software.

    I'm evaluating SalesWarrior which adds sales cycle tracking to Agendus. It's not very well integrated and I'm probalby not going to buy that one - might have to wait for another version to see if it gets better.

    Lesson learned: recommendations are good, but if you really want to see what works for you, then get a demo copy and try it out.

    Still on the wish list:

    * Newer version of Pocket Quicken. Unfortunately, it's the only game in town when it comes to true Quicken Hotsync capability. I can't believe they haven't integrated the budgeting features vis-a-vis the Palm and Windows version.

    * Sales cycle management. It might be Sales Warrior in the future if they'll tighten up the integration.

    * Expense tracking package. I'm evaluating a few right now, but none really strike my fancy. I really like the Splash Suite of apps and the desktop integration. I wish Splash would come out with something.

    * Credit / loan manager. Nothing really strikes my fancy in that department. I evaluated a few and one even put my Treo 600 into an endless reset loop. Don't want to slam the software because it might run fine on other phones. I have mine pretty loaded down with stuff and it just might have been a unique situation. I had to do a Hard Reset and VFSBackupMan restore (thank goodness the backup was up-to-date).

    * Polar HRM software. For those of you who train with heart rate monitors. I love Polar's Windows software, but there's nothing like it for the Treo. My Training Diary has a Polar download feature, but for some reason it doesn't work with the Treo IR port - but it does work on other OS5 Palms? In the meantime, I'm still using The Athlete's Diary.


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