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    Using Treo 600, SprintPCS, SnapperMail Premier v2.1.1.01, all mail received shows the same received date (12/28); has anyone else noticed this anomaly? I searched the forum for info on this issue but without success.
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    Me too! 12-28 as well. I get emails today that all have that same date! What the hell? Did you email Snappermail?
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    I have emailed snappermail and awaiting reply. TreoNeo - are you using SprintPCS for data service too?
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    Why would the service provider matter? I have two phones with Sprint (T600 and T650) and don't have any issues with the time in emails (either in Snapper or in ChatterEmail).

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    Yes have Sprint POS. Let me know what you hear as I haven't had time to email them...
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    Bump! This is annoying. All my emails come in as a december 28th date!!!
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    Not seeing this problem with Snapper
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Why would the service provider matter? I have two phones with Sprint (T600 and T650) and don't have any issues with the time in emails (either in Snapper or in ChatterEmail).

    The service provider may matter if they are using that service providers mail servers for their e-mail. It seems like these folks may be on sprint and sprint's mail servers are notoriously unreliable. I don't know if this does have anything to do with sprint's servers, but I wouldn't be surprised.
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    This is not happening to my gmail account & when I actually open these emails dated 12-28, it shows the correct date. No help from Snapper support yet...
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    I received email from Snappermail support; with their help I got a diagnostic log from the send/receive traffic between my snappermail and sprintpcs. I tested this several (three) times and each time the diag log shows an entry with reference to this:

    Received: from
    0074 > by[0x0A]
    0074 > (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 HotFix 1.21 (built Sep 8 2003))[0x0A]
    0074 > with ESMTP id <>
    0074 >; Wed, 29 Dec 2004 00:18:45 +0000 (GMT)[0x0A]

    Note that the GMT listed (29 dec 2004 00:18:45) will equal "12/28" EST.

    I have not contacted SprintPCS as yet, but it looks like an issue with one of the mail servers they use.
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    you may recall last summer a bunch of us (me included) had a similar problem only all the emails were coming in with a date of 1/1/1 (they all happened to be exposing all headers as well) and as I recall we were all sprint customers as well. Interestingly, it seemed to be only happening with the native Mail app. It forced me to purchase Snapper (as Sprint was completely useless in troubleshooting the problem) and mysteriously the problem disappeared when I stopped using Mail and started using Snapper.

    What was intriguing, like now, was that it did not affect all the users of that particularly application - it might be tied to messages coming from a particular server that is whacked out. (I have snapper and have no problems.)

    Good Luck and since this is Sprint we are talking about, Luck in in great abundance is necessary
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    Snappermail emailed me back & said it was a Sprint server issue. Who do I contact for this? Anyone have an email address?
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    Well, at approximately 2:00pm today, email received from sprintpcs via snappermail shows the correct received date. I checked the diagnostic logs on traffic transmitted and all servers show the correct date. Apparently sprint got the message . . .
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    I think it is fixed for me too. Around the same time. Let's hope so cuz that was dead annoying

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