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    I know in advance that this is not possible, BUT...

    What would be the best way to playback the Treo audio through a car's speakers using Bluetooth?

    I know the Treo 650 does not support this (BT1.1), but is there even a car player that will accept BlueTooth in this way??

    The reason I ask is because right now I do this on my Treo 600 using the iRock FM transmitter. But I'm getting so frustrated with it because if you move the unit/cord ever so slightly the sound cuts in and out or from stereo to the left channel only, etc. Very distracting/frustrating. I have to to have everything aligned just perfectly to even get the sound transmitting right in the first place and to have to continually keep everything alligned to maintain the transmission is too frustrating. And while driving, too -- very bad!! Not to mention that you have to plug it in and "set it up" each time. It would be nice not to have a cord connected to it the whole time.

    **DISCLAIMER: The above problems COULD just be my unit.

    If I could do that, AND use the BlueTake (or any) stereo bluetooth headset without a dongle:,EWB06664

    ...then I would have reason to keep the Treo 650 over my Treo 600. BUT it only supports BT 1.1 with no plans to upgrade, so it looks like my Treo 650 from VC will be going striaght to Ebay when it ships. I guess I'll just start saving my money and praying that Palm gets it right with the next model of Treo. (Or that some other company gets it right so I can defect).

    Please, prove me wrong, somebody, anybody. Give me some words of hope.

    I have no practical experience with the Treo 650 or with BlueTooth, just second hand information from these forums.

    Most of all please share ANY solutions you have for playing Treo audio through car speakers. Hypothetical solutions using technology that doesn't exist quite yet are ok too! Thanks!

    PS: Also, what would be the battery life implications of using BlueTooth this way for extended periods of time? How about for using a BlueTooth headset? How do you keep the headset charged? Would using a bluetooth (stereo, hypothetically, for listening to music all day long AND talking on the phone) headset be practical/possible for extended use?
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    Hey dpuza!!! I was born in Green Bay. Go Pack!
    Anyway, there is no BT 1.1 that transmits stereo music. Re phone usage through the speakers...there are lots of BT handsfree kits available on the net. I don't know if any of them go through the speakers without native BT connectivity (ie Prius, Acura TL, Lexus LS430, Audi A6, etc), but it's worth googling....Good Luck!
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    Cheese Head, Favre sucks...hehe

    No really, I think I understand what you are saying and I'm dying for something like this.

    Griffin (technologies or something like that) make a very cool thing for the IPOD. As a matter-of-fact, I just bought one for my friend for his bday. But it just plugs into the IPOD's headphone out (and there is a nother nub, probably power) and uses the Ipod's power to power itself. No wires of any batteries....just FM to any radio.

    That's what I want...I have (insert any brand here) the typical FM transmitter where it has a wire for power (if you don't want to use batteries, which I don't) and another wire that goes to the headphone port. Problem is, you really need somthing to keep your treo in place or you will have your music cut in and out.

    Something that would attach to the bottom of the Treo 650 would be awesome...actually the best would be like an SD card...if the treo had two SD slots...but it doesn't.
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    The Parrot CK3000 and higher kits are hardwired to go through the car speakers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 777twist
    Problem is, you really need somthing to keep your treo in place or you will have your music cut in and out.
    Do you know why this happens?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpuza
    Do you know why this happens?
    It's obviously a poor mechanical connection between the plug and jack. Whether the fault lies with the jack (Treo) or the plug, I'm not sure. I've read reports where some adapters don't quite fit all the way into jack which could cause the problem you're having. Remember, there's 4 small contacts in the jack so even a slight misalignment is likely to cause trouble.
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