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    I hope I'm not the only one who is bothered by all those posts that emphasis that the new Treo 650 from Cingular will have a 39.99 data plan instead of the current 19.99. Well I did some research and I found the following on this thread.

    "The Mediaworks Unlimited Package $19.99 includes unlimited internet, where the $39.99 PDA package includes integrated e-mail run by cingular's servers.

    The email service varies based on which pda you have. Wireless Xpress mail for blackberry uses blackberry's server software, whereas Wireless Xpress mail for the SX66 uses a solution from Seven that pushes the mail directly to your Pocket PC and includes exchange services for your contacts so you can wirelessly sync.

    They are trying to get all SX66 users to use this service. However, unlike sprint which can effectively enforce this on it's ppc users cingular uses gsm cards that can be switched from phone to phone and they can't necessarily charge one customer one amount and other customers another amount for the same service. This results in some salesmen giving you the mediaworks package and other salespeople giving you the other package. If you think the e-mail is worth it pay an extra 20 bucks a month. It isn't an awful service and will sync your contacts on the fly if you have a hard reset.

    The whole open closed browser argument doesn't really fly, because other phones with open browsers aren't charged the extra money like nokia smartphones and mpx220's."

    "I cancelled the PDA PACKAGE for $39.99 a month as I don't need their Cingular Express mail. I only have Media Package for $19.99 a month and I can access Internet and I have set up Yahoo Mail in messaging to connect via Media Net or Internet (using wi-fi). Unless one needs their servers I think it's $20.00/month excessive spending."

    Now, from what I understand of all this spaghetti drama is that we will get two unlimited data plan options one with Cingular e-mail service for $39.99 and a regular Internet Access service for $19.99. That makes a lot of sense and Iím happy with that.

    Finally I can get some good sleep now.

    good nite

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    Does this make sense to anybody or am I losing it?

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    This does make sense. The higher priced data plan is for people who want email through Cingular's servers.

    As far as offering different "unlimited" data plans are concerned: If I recall correctly, ATTWS had 3 different "unlimited" data plans. Each corresponded with whatever device you had: One Unlimited rate was for phone access, one for PDA access and one for laptop access. I think they were priced, $24.99, $44.99 and $79.99 respectively. The caveat was that if you signed up for the $24.99 unlimited plan and they found that you were exceeding a certain amount of kBs per month consecutively, they would automatically upgraded you to the $44.99 plan or you would be charged per kB for "tethering". Therefore, "unlimited" really didn't mean unlimited. Ergo: Read the fine print and follow the footnotes.
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    This is where precisely Sprint kicks the **** of all of the competitors. $10/month unlimited. I would like to switch to get GSM european, but am not going to pay an extra several hundreds of bucks a year to accomplish this.

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