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    All I just wanted to let you know.
    I tried everything else that was posted in all the threads.
    Seems the database was corrupted
    Soft reset of Treo
    Turned off Radio
    Removed all events from Outlook Calendar - created temp folder
    Had Desktop overwrite device
    Moved Calendar events back
    Sill had radio off
    I saw no difference with "Show Calendar Events" either way.

    All the while I kept saying this too shall pass, now I await the next battle with the Gremlins.
    Thanks for all your comments.

    Treo 300-650-755P, Contract ends 11/30/07. SERO F&F 1250, The following are unlimited: N&W (7PM), Mobile to Home (M2H), Free Incoming, Vision Data, Text Messages for $49.99 - Plus Sprint AIRAVE @ N/C.
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    Duckzeus s idea worked for me
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