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    Well I'm not sure if Sprint, Verizon, and all the other large cell phone companies will hate me for mentioning this but being a dedicated gamer, and loving this program called "Ventrilo" that allows people to talk over the internet in groups, and in different channels which I think would work great for a large company. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to create this software. I think it would be well worth a developerís time if they had the amount of time this would take. I have used the software for the last year, and ran around 600 servers for a company at one time. I am very familiar with the features, functions and some of the variables for the server.

    The reason why i think this would be great is a lot of cell phone providers allow you to have unlimited data transfer a certain amount.. Well I mean this would be a great feature for companies to be able to use. Especially if someone is in Europe or outside of the United States since long distance would be more expensive then data transfer.
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    Well I really dont have my Treo yet, so I cant download the file and test it out. However that seems to be somewhat interesting, having a program that can support aim, yahoo, msn, and voIP. Thank you gfunkmagic, for the url's. But by anychance have you used this program before (chitchat)?

    Well here are some screen shots and a feature list from the developer of Ventrilo

    Voice communication with multiple people.
    Cross channel communications.
    User-to-user private conversations.
    Individual channels that can be created dynamically.
    Sub channels.
    Muted channels.
    Queued channels.
    Channel transmit time limits.
    Password protected server login and channels.
    Advanced channel control options and filters.
    Individual admin passwords for channels.
    Text-to-speech (TTS) voice generation.
    Key binding to execute special program functions, play wave files, send TTS messages.
    Separate phonetic spelling of user and channel names for proper TTS.
    Built in chat similar to IRC.
    Users can enter dynamic comments for all other users to see.
    User assigned names for server connections. No need to remember IP numbers.
    Wave file or TTS event notifications for program events.
    Remote administration of server features and current users.
    Mute Microphone and Mute Sound with key binds for both.
    Voice activation or Press-to-talk transmission modes.
    Binds to change channels or cycle through all available channels.
    Multiple platform support for servers.
    Servers are now ready and supported on 64bit platforms.
    The clients and servers do NOT contain any Ad Ware or Spy Ware features.
    Ability to restrict server admin features. Useful for hosting services.
    Server specified codec's to control voice quality and bandwidth usage.

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