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    Ok, I know the answer may be obvious to you guys, but please humor me and tell me why I would want to dump Real Player for another MP3 player? And if I do dump it, which one?

    Keep the following in mind, a) I don't give a crap about streaming audio (don't know of anything care to stream) b) I DO want to play vid clips, but the built in video player seems to do well....doubt I'll want to convert an entire DVD to watch my this tiny little screen anytime soon....just stuff to play around w/ like music videos and such.

    Thanks for humoring me w/ your responses/suggestions.
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    Streaming is the big one. As for what to stream there are tons of stations for any Genre.

    The other is format support like Ogg Vorbis and such.

    If neither of these are important to you then you wouldn't need to change.
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    Maybe in the future when I look into lossless formats, I'll want something besides MP3. For now, it seems like a hassle to convert my MP3s to something else. The only reason I would consider it would be to go lossless (which I'm too lazy to do right this moment.)

    How do these stations sound? In my past experiences, streaming audio sounds like crap and I wouldn't be interested in listening to a radio station over my Vision connection....besides, doesn't streaming audio keep the Vision connection live therefore causing you to miss calls?
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    They sound fine. Alot of them are "private" people broadcasting tunes so its not like a "radio" station with comercials. Sometimes I listen to comedy but thats about it. Yes it does keep vision active causing you to miss calls, which is why I don't use it much either.
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    Sorry, I realize it's not a "station" in the sense of a company that would broadcast commercials, but I've always thought the audio quality of streaming audio (from Winamp, WMP, whatever) seemed less than the quality of just playing MP3s, CDs, or a radio station on my radio, so I never got into it. Now for talk shows, comedy, sports, I can understand the draw....but I don't listen to any of the above.

    Is the audio quality from any of the players better than RP? I did notice on my T3 that AeroPlayer had better audio quality than RP at the time (deeper response range if I recall).....but it's been a while since I compared.
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    Not sure if they sound different. I purchased Pocket Tunes for my 600 a long time ago and havent tried any others. I haven't even compared it to RealPlayer.

    I am not much of an audiophile anyway so I wouldn't be the one to make a judgement.
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    The Real Player can also play WMAs - I have a couple of them on my 650 now. So, if you're keen on ripping your CDs to WMA instead of MP3, there's that. There is a "lossless" format of WMA, and as soon as I get home I'm going to try it.

    Of course, you will be using more storage per song. But it would be worth trying.
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    I should be getting a late Christmas gift from my dad in the form of a 1GB SD card, so I'm not too worried about larger audio files. Figure I'll have my existing 256 card for apps, maps, etc and the new card for media.
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    Lossless files are HUGE like 9meg
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    Oh yeah....the other reason I'm not jumping to go lossless....the idea of converting back and forth for my MP3 player(s) is annoying.

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