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    well, my dillemma is as such... I have the crack addicted monkey on my Visor, but the demo has run out. A freind of mine would like to see the program function, but i cannot just remove and the reinstall it. how do i remove it from whatever log file it is showing up in??? please help me!!!
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    Perform a Hard Reset.

    -Matthew Nichols
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    You DON'T need to perform a hard reset in order to accomplish this. Almost all time/usage-limiting shareware progs store their info in the unsaved preferences file. Use an unsaved preference editor to delete PocketMonkey's preference setting. One I like is called "preference editor". It's free & you could find it at It's good for deleting the preference settings of proggy's you have deleted. You could also conceivably delete preferences of time/usage limited shareware programs to continue to use them past their limit...but that might be considered software piracy...

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