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    Hi guys!

    I tried 4x already to sync my videos that I created on my treo 650 to my palm desktop. Every single time i click on Media it would pop up with this annoying message telling me to install Windows Media 9. Would i need to install it since I have Windows Media 10?? It then terminates the program abruptly and crashes to a halt with a memory error. Is anybody else having this issue? How can I download my video clips that I took on my phone? Any help would be deeply appreciated.


    Here is the error that I've been getting.

    Palm Error Link
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    Did you ever get this resolved? Mine does not crash. The video seems to be on the desktop app but when I click to play it, it is just blank.
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    The stupid CD installer brought me to media player 10, so I installed that. When Palm desktop started whining about media player 9, I uninstalled media player 10 and installed media player 9. Now it's still whining about installing media player 9 (but with a different looking error screen) whilst that's installed, and I can't see my pictures / videos.

    Looking through my user folder, I can't find the pictures and videos there either...
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    For some reason, it says to use media player 9, but on mine, the videos would not even show up until I downloaded quicktime off of the desktop cd.
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    @samboy - were they in the list though? I just see empty lists, and I do have Quicktime installed...
    Plus I don't see the pictures either
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    And now I've finally got the SD ram card I can't get video into the media desktop because of this thing - it refuses to accept any kind of media, even after recoding
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    arrgh I have same silly error message as you guys. the clie picture interface was so sweet. I have tried media player 9 and 10. both do not work and lead me to the difficult to remove white error screen. I have quicktime. isn't there a fix for this error msg somewhere? I have to close palm desktop from the task mgr if I ever accidently click on "media" on the desktop. Help please,......
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    when I double click on and image that was synchronize from my 650 get a "Palm Application error. sorry for the inconvenience,etc. do u want to report this to Microsoft,etc." I have Media player 9 installed. I don't kniw what the problem is of course. thanx...

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