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    I just got a treo 600 to replace my 300, but the vibrate ring seems alot softer so I dont feel it go off sometime is there a setting somewhere to increase the strength of it?
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    I know what you are going thru but its not like the t300 had the best vibrator, you will learn to just feel for it.
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    The weak vibrate is a well recognized shortcoming of the T600. I feel mine maybe half the time.
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    The weak vibrate has started to give me "Phantom alerts"

    Even when I don't have the phone on my belt I am now so in tune to "feeling" for the slightest vibration that I think my phone is alerting me even when the wind blows & moves my shirt!

    I have taken the cover off my 600 & it does look like the counter balance could possibly be retro-fitted with a larger weight.
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    After missing way too many calls, I started by having a ringtone along with the vibrate. Then after a month or so, I turned off the ringtone and went with the vibrate only. Haven't missed a call since.
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    I just received a replacement for a faulty Treo 600. The vibrate on the new one is much weaker than on the old. I missed all 6 calls I received while the phone was in vibrate mode yesterday. To make sure the phone was actually receiving the calls, I did several test calls while the phone was in vibrate mode. When I held the phone in my hand, I could tell it was vibrating, albeit weakly. When it was in my pocket, I couldn't tell.
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    A while back I was at a cocktail party where I mentioned that I didn't always hear my phone ring and often didn't feel the vibrator either. A woman looked at me and said:

    "So, you're telling us you're deaf and numb?"

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