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    Has anyone tried this? Is it any good? Is there a better keyboard for the 600? I do not want to use infrared ... I want something I can plug the Treo into... thanks for your input.
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    I can toss in my two cents. I've used a number of foldable/portable keyboards for my various Palm devices over the years. When I got my 600 over a year ago, I bought that 'wirelessl one. It was fair, kinda OK. About 5 months ago I got the 'portable' designed specifically for the 600 and I really like it. Keys are a <tiny> bit smaller, but the other advantages (ability to power while in the kb, dedicated keys structure) more than compensate.
    I would go with the portable one - heartily recommend it.
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    I got the Palm Universal Wireless. I was pretty pleased with it. Seemed to work fine, no lag on typing, was able to listen to music while using it. I was going to do a little write up on it after using it on a flight to Florida... but I lost it!!!

    It's somewhere around here... maybe under this pile of papers....

    The big benefits over the one just for the Treo 600: can be used when you upgrade to the 650 or 700 (if you don't lose it), and can listen to music while you're using it.
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    Thanks much for the feedback, this is very helpful.
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    I am using the Palm One keyboard with a Treo 600. I downloaded the latest driver from the Treo Store. The keyboard icon installs when I hot sync. I click on the keyboard icon, and the preference windows open. But, when I try to type it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
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    I'd also recommend the Think Outside Stowaway IR Keyboard. It's worked flawlessly for me with my Treo600 straight out of the box.

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