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    I am just now exploring iSilo as an alternative to the doc reader that I am currently using and to Avantgo. I have some questions that I hope someone can answer. With most doc readers that have bookmarks you cannot load the doc itself into flash. Is that also the case with iSilo? If so, does anyone know of a doc reader that stores bookmark info in a file *other* than the document itself? Second, Avantgo seems to have an advantage since it has an automatic conduit for updates. Does iSilo have anything like that? Can this iSoloWeb program (at an extra cost) be set up to automatically update? Third, a big selling point for iSilo is that its docs are smaller than the standard doc format. Is there an easy way to convert a standard doc format to ISilo format in a single step?

    I guess the bottom line is this. With 8MB ram and 8MB flash, memory is not really an issue. I already have TealDoc registered and Avantgo is free. What do I gain by going to iSilo?
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    First, I believe that IsiloWeb is free. Secondly, it can be set up to update each time you hotsync. The problem that I've had with IsiloWeb is the amount of time it takes to convert a web page to an ISilo document. In that respect AvantGo has it all over ISilo. I keep both on my visor. If you've got the 8MB flash memory and don't intend on using any other SpringBoard modules, then why not put your applications on the module and leave the data files, that need to be modified, in the visor's RAM? I think that as long as you are not adding bookmarks to the ISilo file, they should still work in Flash memory.

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    Does Isiloweb let you know when web pages have been updated? That's the biggest complaint that I have about Avantgo. I always have to check each and every item to see if it changed since last time.
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    You may want to try Pendragons Browser. I think its free or at least relatively cheap shareware. It functions like avantgo and isilo, and includes a web program that will update your subscribed web pages when your computer is logged on to the internet, or at any other specified time period. The subscribed pages are then cached on your computer and then sent over to your visor during the next hotsynch. I prefer this method over having to be online when I hotsynch in order to update my webpages, such as in avantgo. I don't have the web address in front of me, but I'll post if later when I get back home. I've been using it for about a week and it has worked flawlessly so far (knock on wood).
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    iSilo has a type of bookmark called a "local bookmark". Bookmarks of this type are not stored with the document and thus the document can be stored in flash. The bookmarks are only local to the device on which they were created. However, this also means that if you transfer the document to someone else, the "local bookmarks" do not follow the document. Just so that there is no confusion, the other type of bookmark, "document bookmarks", are stored with the document, so if you have a document in flash, you can not add document bookmarks, but you can add local bookmarks.

    Neither iSilo nor iSiloWeb employ a conduit for automatic updating. However, this is being investigated for the future.

    Any of the iSilo conversion applications, including iSiloWeb, are able to convert a doc format file to an iSilo format file in a single step.

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