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    Will the Treo 650 sync with ACTv. 5.04?
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    Let ACT know now that you are interested in an update for ACT! for Palm OS via
    and also call Customer Service asking for details on when they will have an update for the Treo 650 Palm OS v5.4 ****CALL- 877-386-8083 ****
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    There are a few ways to acomplish this...

    First, you can choose to use the ACT option of syncing it with outlook on your desktop then use Outlook sync to 650's PIM.

    You could use intelisync or puma, etc. as well...

    I have Act for Palm, I never sync two way, I always just ask for desktop to overwrite the palm and it works great. Just make sure you load the Act for Palm upgrade for telephony or else Act will re-assign your hard "green" phone button and it's hard to get it back..

    It would be nice for a two way sync though...


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