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    I've seen talk of using backup software programs such as 'backupbitster' and 'backupbuddy'. What do these programs back-up that the regular hotsynch does not?

    If I need backup software, does it only run on the Visor, or do I need a desktop component as well? If so, is there a Macintosh version available?
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    Don't know about a mac version..

    Basically what these programs do is make sure that everything gets backed up.

    The benefit would be if you save something in a game, in a 3rd party app like MobileDB or create your own database in ThinkDB, etc.. write your own docs... those things will most likely not get backed up.

    Other than that, it pretty much puts all what you have on your machine into one directory, which would make it really really easy to load everything back up if you ever had to hard reset. Backupbuddy MIGHT back up things on its own, but thankfully I've never had to hard reset so I wouldn't know.

    If they don't make backupbuddy for Mac, look at BackupAll which resides on the visor/palm itself.. and is about $30 cheaper than backupbuddy (free
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    I have used backup software on my PC's at home and at the office since 1980. If you never have a need to use it, it seems like a waste. If you EVER need it, you will curse the day you didn't buy it. Your Palm/Visor will crash some day. All computers crash eventually. It is not a question of if, only when.

    I have had my VDX for 2 months, and have never had to do a hard reset. But I have also heard that with the batteries removed (or fully discharged) any Palm-type unit has less than 5 minutes of storage. That means that if you don't notice it, and your batteries die, you are toast unless you have a backup or have spare batteries in your pocket.

    I understand that Hotsynch doesn't backup software programs, only their databases into comparable programs on the PC. That means that if you crash, you can reload the data from a hotsynch, but not the programs. They need to be reloaded. (I can't speak to the data.)

    I have heard that BackupBuddy will take your replacement (or hard reset) Visor or Palm and totally, completely and without a doubt, restore all of your software, data, and preferences. So that it works just like BC (before crash).

    If that is worth $29 to you, buy it. If you can reload your palm or Visor in less than $29 worth of time, don't. My time and frustration is worth $29.

    Good Luck

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    Sorry, I got carried away with my words, and forgot to answer a few of your questions.

    BackupBuddy is loaded on your PC, not on the Visor or Palm. I don't think that BB cares.

    And they have a version for the Mac, check out their website,

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    Before you invest in any backup software I suggest you check if you really need it. I agree with Larry that keeping current backups will save you time because your device will fail eventually.

    But I'm not using any backup software and I find that all of my prc's and pdb's (with exceptions mentioned below) are getting backed up during a normal hotsync. I even just installed ThinkDB since it was mentioned that it may have a problem, but I found that it was getting backed too.

    The only 2 exceptions I've found were my AvantGo document database and StreetFinder maps, both of which you would not normally want backed up anyway.

    Now, also keep in mind that I do have a Palm IIIx and not a Visor so there may be a difference there.

    So before you purchase anything, check your backup directory and see if it contains current backups of your files. Note that having your prc's in the backup directory will make the restore process simpler, but you can easily restore your device to its 'before crash' state without them. It's easy enough to reload those from wherever you installed them from in the first place.

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    I have had two hardresets. One was before BackupAll. After one HotSync, things were somewhat restored but not quite the same. For example, settings(preferences) for some programs, and registration codes for paid software were gone. My second hardreset happened after I installed BackupAll. After one HotSync, everything was back to normal. It works pretty well. Besides, it's free and small(2-3K)...wouldn't hurt to try!!

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    Where can I find BackUpAll?
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    I think the only advantage BackupBuddy has over BackupAll or BackupBitster is that if you delete something from your handheld, BackupBuddy will delete it from the backup folder too. Others just keep it there.
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    Does anyone know if BackUpAll will restore preferences as well, or does it just back up databases?

    I found my copy at
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    ptalericonc it did restore all my preferences(including auto-off time, City Time time setting etc.).

    xjx is right about deleted software. BackupAll re-installs deleted programs unless you remove from your desktop. But you can delete it again, or clean up your folder in your desktop.

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