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    Hi there,

    I have a linkys Wireless B hub in my home office, I have tried to change channels on the router, but it has not really helped the static on the SE HBH 660 bluetooth headset. Any ideas as to what settings on the router, or what else I can do to minimize the interference?


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    Replace you router with an 802.11a and get new cards for you PCs.

    Until devices are using BT 1.2, that is the only way to lower interference.
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    I have no idea why, but I have virtually no interference from my Netgear 802.11G router. It sits about 2 feet from where I lay my phone (no cradle, grrrrr...) on my desk. And yet my router works great throughout a quad-level house.
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    Is anyone very familiar with router configuration and has info pertainng to that rather than replacing?

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