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    I have a Scala BT headset. I would like to make it so that when I pick up an incoming call on the phone, the sound is not automatically routed to the BT headset. If I pick up using the headset, that's where the sound goes. Sounds simple, but the headset is always the destination when it is on and in range.
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    Not sure if it can be done. May Jeff Gibson can make an app similar to the BTmute that will click the "cancel headset" button when answered from the Handset.

    That would require that the signal the phone receives can be idendtified as to which where it came from (headset or handset)
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    Its funny how we always want what we don't have.

    My HS810 functioned like you want, and I hated it. So I switched to another headset that does auto route.
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    This HBH-660 has such good range, that I can't make a phone call anywhere in my house but the basement with out it picking up from my vehicle in the garage.

    If you go to the Preferences icon in the Palm apps, and click on Handsfree under the Communication section, it has an option called Auto answer, I have it set to Disable, and my headset still autoanswers. This doesn't make any sense. On the other thread on this topic, Cluemeister says his headset doesn't auto answer, and he has to press the button to get it to answer. That's what I want. Edit: ( He now says it does auto answer )

    I have also noticed that my battery is dying fast, like in a couple days. Anyone else notice this. I wonder if it has to do with the sub zero temps. I will experiment more, and maybe start a thread if it keeps dieing.
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