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    Ok, I will bash P1 when its appropriate, but over on the pdaphonehome board, this guy is willing to respond and answer questions even when they could easily be answered by reading the documentation or searching the forum or whatever.

    Not ALL P1 types are non-responsive!

    This response was from a question "How do I clear the Cache?"

    Hello SAMGINZY,

    This is Kevin from palmOne. You can clear Blazer's cache from within the application. Go to Options > Preferences > Advanced Tab. You'll find the Clear Cache button here. For further reference, this description can be found on page 211 of the User Guide.
    Hope that helps.


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    Kevin Michaels
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    He helps out here from time to time. Helpful guy, I always wonder when I see his posts what he thinks of our lunacy.
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    Yes, helpful guy.

    I Just wish he would chime in about he Memory, Bluetooth, and Sound issues
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    A Brave guy as well, posting his own Email! LOL

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