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    Hello folks,

    I have had a liking for the Treos(especially the 650) for some time.
    I have been waiting for the Treo 650 GSM version religiously for a
    couple of months and after I came to know about this site and
    after reading about some of the problems with 650, I started
    looking for an alternative. Anyone can shed some light on how
    the iPAQ h6315 is rated against the Treo 650.

    If 650 GSM comes out, would be you buy a 650 or iPAQ 6315 or some other?
    I know it is a matter of personal taste and convenience of using a
    small/larger handheld, but setting aside the size, how are the features and
    quality of the two devices rated against each other?

    I am new to the smartphone/PDAPhone market. So, Any suggestions are
    really appreciated.

    thanks a million!
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    Without going into to details, I can tell you the 6315 is a POS in my opinion. Not enough buttons first off. Secondly, the keyboard is garbage. Check out the sites like I had the phone for 2 weeks from Tmobile. When MS finally releases mobile 2005, I will seriously consider a PPC. Until then, Palm all the way.

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    Used for a month and returned.
    Spontaneous resets
    Freezes with 3rd party apps and slow.
    No one hand operation.
    Keyboard useless.
    Paid 450 bucks one month phone bill (average 75)as the damn thing stayed on for hours in the case
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    If you really need to buy a smartphone, given the problems with 650, instead of waiting for a 650 GSM, would you buy a 600 GSM?? I am looking for a stable device
    and 650 seems to be having problems.

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    I do n't think the wait is too long. Most likely will have it by the end of the month.
    GSM T 600 for last 6 months, rock solid.very happy with it
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    Hi Noviceuser -

    While waiting for the 650 I also bought a 6315. My Ipaq experience wasn't too bad actually, it's just that my T-Mobile reception was very poor.

    In a nutshell, here's how I'd compare the two...

    Winner - Treo. 6315's display is bigger, but Treo 650's is brighter and sharper.

    Winner - Treo. The backlight is awsome, and the 6315 keyboard is a "snap on" job that has no backlight. It pretty much sucks IMO.

    Winner - 6315. The 6315 has WiFi, Treo does not. That's a hit to Treo, as once you get used to WiFi there's almost no turning back.

    A tie. I've read about DUN being crippled in the Treo - but since I only use headsets I've found both units to be adequate.

    Sprint Vs. T-Mobile Reception
    Winner - Treo...for me. This depends on your area and where you use the phone. Some folks get great T-Mobile reception, but I do not.

    Vision Vs. T-Mobile Data/Internet
    Vision wins here. I've found it to be much faster even in areas where I have a strong T-Mobile signal.

    Edge to Treo. While close to the same size, the Treo "feels" much smaller than the 6315.

    A Tie. I was able to find programs I liked for both operating systems.

    Palm Vs. PPC
    Edge to Treo...for me. I think Palm and PPC are both good for different things. But palm is easier to navigate one-handed, and that is important to me.

    Anyway - these are some of the things I think about when looking at converged devices. I prefer the Treo mainly because of the great keyboard, screen, reception and size.

    Hope this helps!
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    I am a pocket pc "person" who reluctantly moved to the treo 600, to give it a shot. Aftre a few months, I knew Icould not go back to phone and ipaq. Having just one device is very helpful. I have already moved to the treo 650 and it has most of what one would want as a smartphone and even with the glitches that moving immediately to the latest models brings, I have found patches for my problems, and I LOVE THE PHONE>
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    Quote Originally Posted by noviceuser
    Thanks for the feedback.

    If you really need to buy a smartphone, given the problems with 650, instead of waiting for a 650 GSM, would you buy a 600 GSM?? I am looking for a stable device
    and 650 seems to be having problems.

    Yeah, uh, I wouldn't call the 600 has as many problems as the 650 (probably more). I have had 8 or 9 Treo 600s at this point and though I really like the phone I don't think it is any more stable than PPC phones. Just go ahead and get the 650. It is nicer than the 600. If reliability is extremely important to you, you should look elsewhere. I like the WM Smartphones like the SP3i and the SMT5600.

    The Treo is definitely the better smartphone, as it mixes the phone and PDA aspects better than any other device, so if you want more phone than PDA you should get the Treo. The 6315 is a much better PDA that can make calls as well. If you don't tale on the phone much, I suggest buying the 6315. Alot of the problems people have with that phone are due to them not knowing what they are doing, though just like the Treo 600 there are many quality issues as well.
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    LZMutant, Thanks much for the detailed comparision. Thanks other as well.

    I think I will join the queue for 650 GSM...
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    I have a Treo 600 right now, and bought an IPaq 6315 from CompUSA when they first came out. I was so dissappointed in the IPaq that after seven days I returned it and demanded my money back. It crashed a lot, was quite slow, and could barely connect to my Bluetooth car kit. As an HP stockholder, I am disappointed that they would release such a poor device! Buy the Treo, you will be much happier!
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    I was a treo 600user as well that had quality issues. I loved it but I had to exchange it too many times due to the "buzz" issue. The problem continued on my replacements when the battery level was below 50% so after several replacements I went to the 6315. I loved the bt and wi-fi but shortly after I got it I started having problems with it as well so I sold it unlocked when prices were still high and didn't lose a cent. At that point I had grown used to ppc and their many pluses so I was undecided to wait for the 650or look at ppc again. A couple of days later the Siemens SX66 was released by Cingular and I figured I'd try it. Boy am I glad I did. It is absolutely awesome! I have applied one patch to it for the known bluetooth issue and that is basically all I've had to do to it to get it to act as my dream device. I know their is plenty of die-hard 650 lovers hear so I am sure the 650 is great too (so don't flame me) itVs just that it wasn't available when I needed it........and still isn't. Now that I have my SX66, unfortunately for Palm, I don't have a need or desire for the 650. IMO, both devices can fit the needs of extreme tech lovers, but you need to figure out what is best for YOU.
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