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    I am experiencing the delay as well. Moved up from the Treo 600 to the 650 and it's becoming a nusicance for me.
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    well for now i think i will ignore it, i reeally should just wait until a new verison comes out or they can actually f ix it somehow
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    I never noticed that problem until a couple of days ago. I swear it didn't delay when I first got it. The only recent change is that I have inserted the free 128MB SD card from palmone and moved a few apps over there.
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    ~4 seconds for me.
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    Same for me - 3 to 4 seconds. Also slow app switching compared to my T-Mobile 600.
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    Don't know if it was said already in this thread .. but another "aftershock" of slow response from dialer (for me) .. is that by mistake a quick dial shortcut is tapped (by mistake) then a number is dialed without you knowing it. On another matter .. the sound quality for the people receiving a phone call seems to be poor as i am getting complaints (even after downloading the patch on

    My Treo 300 was so much higher quality than this.

    -Sprint Treo 650
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    People have complained about my sound quality thru the treo 650 also. Anyone experience this?
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