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    I hear a lot of talk since Nextel and Sprint merged that sprint customers will be able to direct connect nextel customers. If so do you think there will a software package we can get to make our treo 600 direct connect? Anybody heard any truth to any of this?
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    I would imagine that unless they have a plan set for making direct connect to work on CDMA there wouldn't be anyway for that to work, Sprint's own ready link to the best of my knowledge would be the only setup that would work, but it doesn't work on the Treo. I think this merger is going to be interesting, two completely different technologies and companys merging...
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    Could be a nice use for the side-buttons on the one-day-to-be-released gsm 650. Not sure about retrofitting the 600
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    I've seen some technical details about the internal plans for merging the Sprint CDMA and Nextel digital network. These plans will not gain ground until the SEC approves their merger, which is expected sometime in the 2nd quarter, 2005.

    Many experts expect that Sprint and Nextel will keep their networks separate, like two brands of products, ie like the Zire and the Tungsten.

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    they will not keep the networks separate because the cost of operating 2 networks defeats the purpose of the merger. The merger will allow the 2 companies to have greater economies of scale also greater purchasing power. The two networks will merge because nextel needs the specturm, and sprint needs nextel's ptt.
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    Its said that Nextel will transfer all of their customers over to Sprint and they will all have to get new handsets.
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