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    Does anyone know if there is a source for a good street map of Boston? I haven't been able to dig anything up. If you know where I can download one, please let me know. (I have Image Viewer) Thanks!

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    well, all the ones I know charge fees. If you use map all the time. I recommend the street finder deluxe. It's $49.99, if you buy it now, it has $20 rebate. For that application, you get the map for entire US, you can just simply pick which area you want to download into your visor. You can even download all the attraction, restaurant, postoffice, hotel and many other info for that area.
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    I don't know about street maps, but when my wife and I visited Boston last year and used a T map from

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    here's a REALLY easy and CHEAP way to make your own maps!

    Do you have Palm Image Converter III? It's used with Image Viewer III. It takes an image file and converts it to a PDB file that image view will recognize.

    Once you have that, go to a website like Mapquest and draw up a map of the area you want. there will be an option to convert the map to a black and white image. do that and then right click on the actual map and do a 'Save Image As'. save it as a jpg on your computer.

    Next open the Image Converter III and load up your map (it comes with a screen to see what the map will look like on your visor) and adjust grayscales and compressions, etc. it takes awhile to REALLY master it's settings, but once you've figured it out, you'll be making maps of everything! I have maps of downtown DC, Baltimore, Toronto, Pittsburgh and they all help!!

    If you have any questions email. I can email you the Image Converter III to you aswell.

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