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    I read this over at (who for the record is giving AWESOME CES coverage) and just pasted the link to the actual release:

    Looks like it would be perfect for the Treo: no GPS Receiver to mess with, keep charged, etc.

    This plus TomTom could be a slick solution!!!!

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    We got the iGolf SDIO receiver for the 650 coming in stock early next week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus
    We got the iGolf SDIO receiver for the 650 coming in stock early next week.
    Nothing for the 600?
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    I just used the iGolf receiver and Mapopolis for a two week driving vacation in New England. It rocks! I have a suction cup holder that I bought at Radio Shack for $10, and the car charger. I place the holder on the windshield of my trusty XC90, plug in the power, and away I go. It is a very slick combo. Adding memory on the receiver is the only thing that would make this perfect. I really like the fact that I have only the one cord.

    By the way, I had this receiver when I had my T600, and it never really worked. Once I tried it with my 650, it worked perfectly.
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    I like the idea of the iGolf, but it's too expensive for me. I need it to get in the same range as the GPS mice (~$100).
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    Since the 650 already has bluetooth (and we won't go into the issue of how much usable memory it has without it's SD card ) - wouldn't it make much more sense to aim for the Treo 600 market with this thing?

    With the 650 you should be able to pair to a bluetooth GPS module and still have your mandatory SD card for storing your programs and maps. ...Unless pairing to such a device is crippled on the 650 like DUN (wouldn't surprise me).

    I've found that although having the Treo as a GPS would be neat in theory, in practice my GPS would be at the mercy of incoming (and outgoing) calls. I got enough going on in my car, thank you very much. This is one function that is technically cool, but I'd rather have in a dedicated or at least separate device. Personally I use an HP 2215 paired with a Socket BT receiver, with Destinator software. Works o.k.
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