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    is this a software bug or an os bug and has anyone had this issue with the device resetting when trying to send an image from the camera app?

    i was able to test a verizon treo 600 configured similarly to mine and it does not experience this issue.

    i have tried installing and uninstalling programs but i think i am going to try a hard reset and then install from scratch.

    the only thing added was snappermail enterprise edition in the last few weeks.
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    This happened to my Sprint Treo 600 a few times and I took it in store and it failed the diagnostic. Of which they gave me a replacement which I dont get the resets anymore.

    Take it to a store and have them test it. If that doesnt work, show them that you cant use your camera to its capability and have them test that feature as well, they should replace it if its still under the warranty period.

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    i will call to have my phone switched out then. t-mo doesn't offer instore replacements to my knowledge.

    this is annoying though. this will be my 6 or 7th replacement.

    thanks for the help!
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    I've also had it caused by installing & removing mail software, I get round it by using MMS.

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