Hi all... I have done a bunch of searching and reading on this subject and everyone seems to have resolved their issues and I am trying those methods as well, but for some reason I am not having any luck. Maybe I am missing a step and someone could lend a hand?

Here is the basic situation... I bought a used treo 600 from ebay (i know - risky move anyhow). It was a refurb'd model and supposedly unlocked. I got it yesterday and it appears to have been branded to AWS and my SIM card did not work (I use CINGULAR). I checked the firmware and I was at a very low version so I completed the following steps:

Downloaded the 1.12 cingular updater;
Updater said it would not work with this device, so with Tokenwriter - changed the branding to CNG and updater ran successfully;
Tried wireless mode again but it said SIM card could not be used with this device;
Downloaded 'patched.zip', put the files on a SD card, and completed a hard reset;
Ran the Firmware Updater from the SD card, after it completed successfully, did another Hard Reset;

Now, I tried this before and after a hotsync - I try to entire wireless mode, and it just resets on me and will never go into wireless mode. It will not even search for a network. When I look at the phone info - the only thing it shows is the HS SN: HAGA.... and the Software: Treo600-1.12-CNG, and Hardware: B That is it, the Number:, IMEI Number:, and SA Number: are all blank.

I tried this same procedure a couple times with the same results - I must be missing a step somewhere. If there is anyone who could assist, I would be eternally greatful! I am beyond stumped at this point.

Thanks for your time.