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    What GPS solutions will work with the 650?

    My dream would be to find a BT solution that works, AND can work at the same time I am using a BT headset (i.e. not interfere with each other or not work simoultaneously).

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    So far, simultaneous the headset & GPS ability isn't happening for anyone.
    But if you are looking for a FANTASTIC GPS app for the Treo 650, then look no further than the one for BT Palm from

    Read all about it in the Blue Tooth forum:
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    Palms in general can only handle a single BT connection at a time, so you can't do BT to a GPS while also doing BT to a headset.

    I've used a Socket BT GPS with a Treo 650 I was borrowing, using Mapopolis for the mapping software, and it worked just great. I took it on a couple of 20-30 mile trips with no problems. With Mapopolis and TomTom, any GPS that supports the NMEA protocol (which is just about all of them) will work.

    If you scan through the forums at, you'll see that in general, TomTom gets points for its nicer interface, but Mapopolis tends to have more accurate map data.

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