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    As I turned on my T600 this morning I noticed several rainbow colored lines running through the screen! I did a search here on T/C and found that several other members reported the same thing with advice varing from opening up the unit(not for me) to sending it back.
    I called up T-mobile and they said they'll FED-Ex me an new one for $15 and (3-day shipping). I was very pleased about this and also pleased with T-mobile's customer service.
    What I am NOT so happy about is that this phone is less than a year old and I'm having these problems. But I guess I'm not the only one who has had more than one unit.
    So in the end I get a new one for $15 with little headache; except the one that is being generated by constantly looking at a screen with rainbow-colored lines thru it!
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    Should have taken it into a T-Mobile store and had them replace it on the spot for free. Not sure if they have t-mobile stores...I use Sprint and have done this 5 times for mainly screen issues. Got a replacement on the spot, the last 3 have been brand new replacements, for $0 via Sprint stores.

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