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    Does anyone have suggestions on what might be using my memory up that I cannot find? I have a 1 GB memory card and only 1% memory left. I cannot run my apps that are on powerrun because I have no memory left. When I delete avantgo, I can get 9% back. I have searched through McFile and cannot see anything obvious that is using up so much space. Suggestions? Help!
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    Your SD memory is the problem?

    You might want to look at the card from a workstation using a card reader. If you are using Windoze, you can see the amount of data and number of files in a folder by making sure the "status" view is checked (Alt-V, Status Bar).

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    Sorry if I was not clear. I have plenty of memory on the card, its the internal memory that is so low. I just cannot figure what is using up so much internal memory. Ideas? I deleted all my email; cleared the web pages and still have only 1% left.
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    Keep your Treo away from the beer fridge.
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    You must have too many files or your RAM files are large. Do you use BackupBuddy? If so, backup everything and look in that directory on the card. That is the stuff that will get restored if you have a hard reset. Evaluate that directory for heavy hitters by sorting by the size.

    Have you moved most of your executables to the card? You don't need PowerRun to do that.
    Do you have files residing on the card AND still in RAM? That's a common mistake.
    Are you actually using a Treo 600 and not a 650?

    There is a freeware app that identifies the ram hogs and I think the name of the app is something like -- Ramhog.

    That exhausts my ideas.
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    I second Beryl's thoughts - a quick way to find large files it to use FileZ (free) and sort by "size"...

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