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    Ok.. I was in my phone application last night and then went into the Call Log and used the pull down to Purge items older then 1 week.

    Then my phone reset on its own.

    Now the Phone application will not run. I tried disabling every hack that I have. I tried warm and semi warm resets. Hard Reset should fix it, but was wondering if anyone has run into this?

    When I press the Phone button or select the Phone application from Launcher, I can see a palm logo for a split second, and then the previous application opens up (launcher or whatever I was running).

    I can still turn the phone on and off using the red button. I just can't access the phone application.

    I wonder if some corruption of the call log is causing the Phone application to get hosed. Anyone know which file is the call log? I could try and delete it.
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  3.    #3 I looked using a file manager and there is no Phonecalldb. I ended up hard reseting and now its working again.

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    I had the same crazy thing happen to me two nights ago...I had ascribed it to a new version of BT Mute (1.8)...but I remember that I had just purged old calls older than a week...couldn't get the phone to work without a hard reset...then restored everything with is way clear that PalmOne did not do the testing on this phone that they needed to do prior to release...Sam
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    Quote Originally Posted by mogulman I looked using a file manager and there is no Phonecalldb. I ended up hard reseting and now its working again.

    That is strange that you didn't have the file. I have one! Check to see if you have one now. Maybe that is the problem.
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    I had this happen today - Also right after a purge of all log entries earlier than one week ago. I restored the PhoneCallDB.pdb file manualy from my last backup. And the phone application began working again. I then purged the entire log and it continued working fine. No hard reset was necessary.

    Is this a common problem? Any solutions?
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    Try downloading Datebook5 ( In the zip file you will find a utlity (in the Advanced stuff folder) called resetphone.prc (or some such name). Try running that. It fixed a problem I had with the callerlog not showing up. Maybe it will fix your problem with the phone app not launching.
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    Uh..oh.. that's resetphonebutton.prc --it will just reset the hardware buttons to their default values (default apps that is assigned to the buttons).
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    I have the exact same problem. And it usually happens when I am out on the road and cannot re-sync I cannot purge all my numbers without loosing use of the phone app. A hard reset is the only way I know to get it back.

    Because of this, I had to get BBVFS so I would have my data after a phone application caused hard reset.

    I wonder if a fix for this will be incorporated in the magical and wonderful GSM update that is being worked on so "diligently" by P1.
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    yeah, I know the resetphone.prc is supposed to just reset the hardware buttons, but I had this weird prob where the phone button DID start the phone app, but when I pressed it again, the screen just went blank for a few seconds --- the call log would not appear. Deleted the phonecall log, but no dice. So then on a hunch I tried the resetphone prog and it cured the prob ---- so I thought you might wanna give it a shot.

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