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    Hello all.

    I just registered Pocket Tunes and would now like to remove Real Player so that I can free up some RAM space. Has anyone removed the Real Player application from the 650 yet?

    I just really don't feel like deleting the thing and then getting a "Unable to locate audio software", or some crap, when I turn the device on again.

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    Real Player is in ROM so you can't delete it without using one of the customized ROMs. This doesn't free up RAM space however, unless something you had in RAM was moved into the ROM.

    Check this thread for more details (in the 40s or 50s pages, it's a long one):
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    Can I play songs on Real Player on my Treo 650 like I did on Pocket Tunes on my Treo 600? That is can I play songs on my SD card? If so, what directory do I have to create. I have a file called music on my SD card that I used on my Treo 600. The Real Player does not see the songs when I hit playlist. Any suggestions?
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    Why not just use Pocket Tunes again? RealPlayer picks up the MP3 files I have on my SD card, under an "AUDIO" directory.
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    Try putting MP3 files in the RN_AUDIO directory on the SD card (or creating that directory). I have such a directory and real player can see MP3 files there.

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