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    Seems as if Cingular is offering the 600 for $299 after rebates on their home page. Just thought i'd share that info. Could be cause they need to get rid of alot of them before the 650 hits. Just a thought.
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    The Cingular 600 is $205 after rebates at Amazon.
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    I was considering buying this, but there's something wrong with the rebates on Amazon. The listing shows $220 in rebates ($150 from Amazon, $70 from Cingular), but when I click on the $70 rebate link, it comes up with a $50 rebate from Cingular. I've emailed Amazon about this so hopefully they will clarify this soon.

    For all of you anticipating the GSM 650, the $50 Cingular form does show the 650 as an eligible device and purchases must be made between 10/15/04 and 1/31/05.
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    FYI, Amazon has fixed their listing to show $200 in rebates, so the price is $225 A/R, not $205 A/R.
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    The rebate is very restrictive and requires a committment to an expensive (useless) data plan when the $19.95 MEdia Works plan is fine. Buyer beware!

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