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    I loaded datebk5 and have a few issues with it...maybe I'll try it in a few weeks, for now it seems like a lot to take on and I had a few problems.

    My question: how to properly uninstall it? The files I see are:


    I also want my old Calendar button to go back to the original 650 calendar.

    These were my problems with datebk5

    1) non time appointments ... it was showing me only 1. I had to look Up to see the others and I could have missed appointments

    2) There is a down arrow on the left upper corner. When I pressed it the 650 froze for a long time like 1 minute

    3) After that for a while, it would take a long time to go from datebk5 to the Home page (showing all the applications in my Palm)

    It seems the software is still not ready for prime time on the 650...a little too overpowering and really I was happy with the software that came with it.
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    and nowhere in their 115 page documentation or their website do they mention how to uninstall
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    I have no problems at all running datebk5 on the 650 it is a great app. Make sure you have the latest version I think it is b7.
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    Although, I had problems with it when I first upgraded. I emailed Pimlico, he got back to me within a day, and explained that the version the 650 needs is the Tungsten T5 version (don't know if that's the "latest" or not). I downloaded it and EVERYTHING works like a champ. I had decided to go with Agendus when I upgraded, but either it doesn't (or didn't) work properly on the 650, or I'm too stupid to use it (so I truly understand your "it was a bit much" statement). Anyway, I absolutely love DBK5 and I think you would too, if you gave it some time. Oh well, just delete all the files with DBK or DBK5 in them. The button will return to normal.
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    Actually, you need 5.4a P6 on the Treo 650. I had other weird problems with P7. But I've been using P6 for months without problem.
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    I'm running v-5.4a,p7 on my 650 and haven't had any problems at all. Weird.
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    Hey, I had to uninstall the p7 version because, although activesync "worked" for e-mail;with Datebk5, calendar items on the Treo would NOT sync up to Exchange Server via activesync...(even though items on Server would sync down to Treo).

    I e-mailed the developer a support form yesterday, but haven't heard anything.

    I know you folks say Datebk5 works for you, but is that under activesync or is it direct conduit (which, PalmOne or PocketMirror) sync to Outlook (there is a difference)?
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    In my case, it's through the Apple iSync conduit, which synchronizes the appointments on my 650, in the Apple iCal application, and on my iPod (as an emergency backup). It works perfectly.

    As an example, I set up an alarm for 5 am today DateBk5 on my Treo and synced before I went to bed. At 5 am, the alarms on the Treo woke me. When I sat down at my desktop computer, I saw that the alarms had also been set off on the iPod and iCal at 5 am.

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