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    I have a T3/SE-T68i/SE-HBH60 (Palm/Phone/BT Headset) combo that works rather well. I got my wife a 650 and am waiting for the GSM for myself (I'm gonna cave in 2 weeks, though).

    I haven't used hers on a daily basis like I use my T3. With the T3 I'm always taking notes in meetings and using it to track projects (Shadow).

    So, the basic question is:
    Anyone 'upgrade' from a T3 to a 650? How has the reduced memory and smaller screen impacted your day to day usage? For those of you that primarily need a PDA first/phone second, how does the 650 fare?
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    I moved from a T3 to the 650. Memory hasn't been a huge issue although I'm forced to keep just the essentials. The convenience of wireless and one device outweighs the cons. As has been reported the 650 is a bit flakey from a stability perspective. BTW I am posting from my 650.
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    I'm considering a switch from a T3 to a 650. I recently got a demo Sprint 650 and I'm very happy with it. I put all of my apps and data onto it, with large data sets sitting on an SD card, and it works great. I need to get used to using the keyboard rather than Graffiti input, but I don't think that will be a stumbling block. If worse comes to worse, I'll try Graffiti Anywhere or a similar util.

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