It all begins on a dark day in November (too late to return)when I got my 650. I had been coventing it for several months as it being the all in one device that would unshackle me from my batman tool belt.

I got the machine and yes, it was great until I need to load data onto it or use it as a phone. The memory controversy started. I had to make compromises but was still happy. Then I found that I kept getting frustrated at having to either ask or having to repeat myself. The sound quality was awful. Just when I had decided to get rid of the phone the sound patch became available (thanks to those that were willing to share with us) and I thought great now I have a phone that can actually use.

Well to day started out with the versamail soft reset proble. Everytime I tried to use versamail the phone would soft reset. I downloaded Filez and removed the versamail files to start out with a "pristine versalmail". Entered the specs of three different accounts ects. Great I am all set again. all is Ok with the world, even though I am getting a little peeved at this phone.

Now for the really strange thing that happened today. I go to a business meeting for a couple of hours. Turn the sound off, and during the meeting I can feel the phone vibrate several times. What I did not know is that my wife called me and left a message and five minutes later my phone called her back and she kept saying helo until she recoginized my voice and was able to listen in on the entire meeting (thank god is was my wife and not a client).

I am about ready to give up. I really like to treo, but it sure does not seem like anyone quality tested this thing. As it stands now, I would not recomend it to any of my friends or associates, and I am thinking about dumping Sprint and going back to GSM.

I started this out saying that I was coveting a device that would do it all. Everyday it is becoming more apparent that this is not that device. It seems that for every problem there is a promised fix atht just strings you along until the next problem (for example the rumor that Palm One is releasing a patch for the sound problem any day).

I would suggest that PalmOne fire whoever did the testing for this device. I am not a power user by any strech of the imgination, (pretty tech savoy I guess), but am I wrong to expect a phone to be able to make and recieve calls that are clear and understandable. If I wanted a PDA only I would be carrying around my Tungsten C (which I added to the old technology heap in my basement since I thought I was going to be able to retire the thing in favor of my solve it all Treo).

Can anyone tell me when the new new new fix/patch will be available so that I can load it until the next problem/bug ect?