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    I was wondering if anyone's come out with a way to connect a Palm OS PDA with a portable hard drive through USB or Bluetooth. Needless to say, it would make for unlimited storage and be a lot cheaper per MB than flash. Or would the Palm OS file system's limitations stop it from recognizing the drive?
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    I have also been searching for this information but unfortunately there do not seem to be any available. Toshiba prototyped a bluetooth hard drive a year ago called Hopbit, but it dissappeared, even from e-bay. The usb/palm serial port option is unknown, but aside from conecting it to an actual PC (Linux w/GiantDisk) nothing is out there that I have discovered.....and trust me I have LOOKED!
    From what I have read here, part of the reason for the modified file system that is causing so many memory issues, is to look toward possible large storage solutions in the future.
    Don't give up hope, but I'd just buy a 2gb SD card and move on. <sigh> I guess I needed to say it to someone else before I could accept it myself.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    That would require the handheld to be a USB master device which it is not... it can only be a USB client AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    That's right, thanks MarkEagle, I knew there was another reason why the USB/serial port wouldn't work. Although I do remember making a comment when it first came out that it did have USB master capability because I asked about using an external keyboard. I'll have to research that one. It's too bad that they can't make a bluetooth hard drive, ah well.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Interestingly the Treo 600's TI OMAP 310 proc already supports usb host. The problem is that PalmOS does not support it yet! This is the same situation with the ZIre 72 which has the 312MHz Intel PXA270 processor. The Z72's proc supports usb host and the device itself has a usb connector, but PalmOne did not enable the host functionality. I really wish PalmOne would get off their butts and enable this feature frankly. Heck, I'ld gladly give up all my treo connector accessories if the next Treo supported usb host...

    I knew I remember seeing something about USB Host. Gfunk mentions it here and if I remeber correctly, the T600 description mentions it in the features list.

    Yes, here is the quote from Treo 600 Revealed by Michael Ducker, Marcus Adolfsson

    The OMAP 310 has a built in LCD controller, USB Host and client functions, multiple serial ports, built in camera interface, and support for an SD/MMC slot. It has a maximum frequency of 175 MHz, with a 1.5v power draw. A tech sheet for this processor is here.
    So the problem isn't in the hardware, it's the software, at least in the 600. I would be interested in a possible software exploit since there are plenty of small hard drives. This list from Archos makes me salivate at the possibilities:

    I know there are power issues, and I can hear some of you saying "why not just get a(n) <insert favorite music file player here>?" I just think having your entire music collection plus the list readily available would be sweet.

    Does anyone know if the 650 has the same USB Host physical capability? Does the current palm software with the new file system support it?
    Inquiring minds want to know. Maybe this is the reason for the memory redesign, to better use external mass storage devices....or am I being too optimistic?!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    from olavf at mtdn

    "Looked through the specs for the Intel® PXA270. The embedded USB controller supports USB OTG, which should allow the T650 to act as a client OR host. If the OS supports it, this should make for some pretty cool preipherals (like plugging in a USB hard drive or USB -based GPS)"
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    Thanks dutchtrumpet, that is an interesting piece of information about the 650. I was wondering when USB OTG would start to make an appearance and if the Treo would ever use it. Now we know the spirit is willing even if the body isn't currently able. I am not part of the coder crowd, but I wonder if there are any that are that could comment on the possibilities of writing a software use of this hardware? And possibly a hint to all those vendors trolling the boards looking for ideas. How about a low powered hard drive sled with a supplementary power supply? Or a GPS add on? Or a CF card reader to be used for additional storage?
    Any other ideas?!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    Just wondering if anyone has found any solution to the mass storage need (beyond the 2gb SD card, which seems to be hard to find).
    I've read about so many alternatives that come close, but don't meet my full needs, I just wonder if anyone has stumbled on the answer and may not think that anyone else wants to know.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    i know for the Pocket PC, there have been only 2 announced USB host CF cards, but there has only been one actually released at a huge price ~149 for 1 port with dongle, and the other seems to have vaporized like so many things... never heard of anything for a palm with sd
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    I only find PPC base , CF USB host card ..

    but no SD interface USB_host card .
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    Has anyone found anything new on this front?
    This is overdue.
    I can't believe I just paid $95 for a paltry 2GB SD (and that's a bargain.)
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    ? Any new developments?

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    There are similar devices as shown in the link of the prior post.

    Sima Hitch - available at any Best Buy

    Wolverine Drive

    Beyond Micro 80GB OntheGo HD - available at

    And a dozen or so 2.5" external HD cases that has the USB OTG standard built in.

    None unfortuneatley supports both read and write directly to a Palm or Windows Mobile device.


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