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    I'd like to be able to share datebooks with my wife and it looks like wesync will do it. I'm a little hesitant since I'm not sure how it works with Datebook on the Visor. By the way, I have Datebk3, plus the two that come with the Visor (Datebook+ and Datebook). If I get wesync, do I now get the pleasure of four alarms going off?
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    WeSync works for me, but it does give an extra alarm. Have you found any fixes for that?
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    The medical student class below me is using WeSync to keep their addresses up to date. The loaded the entire class list on the site. I have no personal experience with it myself but it looks really cool.
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    Have been using WeSync for a few weeks now and it works great! As Advertised. My wife and I keep our calendars sync'ed together and that is a nice feature, when I'm on the road and I can still see what she's got planned -- or had to change, for that matter.

    I'm also testing itin my work setting by getting a client to keep a whole team of people "sync'ed" with the Project schedule.

    They've done a nice job, and have responded personally via phone and email when I had some issues a few weeks ago with the beta release......very responsive and rather refreshing.

    I recommend you try it!!

    Stan in Colorado
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    Thanks for the positive responses about the software. However, until I can get a fix for the multiple alarms, I'm not going to get it (four would be too many).
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    I tried installing the new version of wesync the day it was released, and it crashed my Visor during the handheld installation portion of the install process. I lost all of my info. I had a funny feeling prior to starting that something bad would happen, so I did a backup with the backup module.

    I'm hesitant to try again, but I know that this app can be very useful. Did any one else have major installation problems with WeSync?

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    The installation instructions are pretty clear about what to delete before installing the new version. If you don't follow them it is likely to scramble.
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    Right. But could I have deleted files that were not present on my hard drive to begin with?

    ...hhmmm...Maybe that's why the install failed. I forgot to look for non-existent files...

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