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    I can send and receive fine using Versamail, but when I attempt to send or receive from the Messaging app, it keeps asking for my Vision password. I know that I'm putting in the correct password, but it just keeps going in this endless loop.

    I've also put my password in my Network prefs, but that hasn't changed anything. I suppose I'll just use Versamail instead, but it would be nice if I could use this option since it seems that the camera links directly to this app.

    Anyone have an idea as to what is causing this?
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    Alright, I figured out what's up. I went on and tried to log into my PictureMail account. I had them send me my password since I'd obviously forgotten it, but I also found that my account is "locked". Not quite sure what that means since I'm pretty sure I have all the appropriate things active for my plan, but who knows what those damn Sprint reps do to your plan when you change things over. I've had 2 instances of them completely screwing up my plan. Meh.

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