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    Hello All,

    I'm new to TreoCentral (first post) and currently salivating for my GSM 650 as an upgrade from my T3 & T68i pair. I live in Trinidad where I will use the 650 primarily. However, I travel very frequently to the U.S. and will probably get a pre-paid service SIM from a GSM provider for use while there. Therefore, I will need an unlocked 650.

    Can you please advise of the best (likely) sites/stores for purchasing an unlocked GSM 650? I will probably need to check a few because not all sites accept international VISA and Mastercard.

    Thanks for your recommendations and please forgive me if this information is already posted for I have not been able to find much.
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    The PalmOne website will probably be your best bet when it's available
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    Or you could try is the UK site. I believe they are UK based with local sites for the US and Canada ( and elsewhere. I have not purchased from them but it seems they are well-known and popular with a lot of people at HowardForums, and I will likely look to them for my unlocked GSM 650 if I don't/can't go through P1 directly.
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    Mobilebee has it listed to.
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    Mobilebee has it listed to.
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    Thanks for your recommendations!
    I've also noticed that is advertising an unlocked 600 so they may also carry unlocked 650's in the future.
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    I'd recommend eXpansys (see links in earlier post in this thread). They probably won't have it before palmOne offers it on their site, but I've purchased a number of devices from them and they've treated me very well.
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    And off course TreoCentral will sell them (I assume, Marcus can you confirm?)
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    Which payment options are availiable at TreoCentral?
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    I pre-ordered from expansys months ago for the grm treo 650, I just called them and they told me that they expect to start selling the unlocked 650's in March, the rep said that Cingular would have a few weeks of selling the 650 before they could start selling their unlocked 650. It looks like palmone is really keeping their committments to the "carriers", so I am wondering if palmone will really be selling unlocked 650's the same time cingular starts selling their 650's, if that were the case I'd go for palmone's unlocked ones, but from what expaqnsys is saying that doesen't look like it will happen the same time cingular launches the 650.
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    I agree Expansys is pretty good to deal with, but are sometimes a little optimistic with their delivery timeframes, especially for new products. They have a sales office somewhere in Illinois, and respond to emails timely.
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    I agree that Expansys is good, but they are way too optimistic in their ship dates. I would try P1 once it becomes available. I've bought an unlocked 600 from in the past. They were the cheapest and had prompt delivery. They have the CDMA 650 but don't have anything listed for the GSM 650 yet.
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