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    I am having horrible luck getting SnapperMail and Agendus Mail to work with SSL mail servers, both POP3S and IMAPS.

    My sites do not use 'real' certificates. They use certificates that I have generated with my Win2k3 Certificate Server. It's just not in the budget to buy $600+ certificates to protect our email servers (FYI, we definitely buy the real thing for our e-commerce servers), when the internally-generated certs do just fine.

    The problem seems to be that neither program can get past the fact that these certs aren't valid. I can get around it with IE, Outlook Express, Eudora, and even with Blazer and OWA-PDA, but not with SnapperMail and Agendus Mail.

    Can anyone help me or offer suggestions?


    Tim ==
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    ChatterEmail can do this with the "Trust Certificates" option. I'm sure SnapperMail has an equivalent option.

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    in Snapper it is located in edit acoounts/server/more/secure/always trust server
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee
    in Snapper it is located in edit acoounts/server/more/secure/always trust server
    Does not work.
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    Have you reported this to SM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    Have you reported this to SM?
    Yup, I've been over this with SnapperFish already. Exchanged a few emails, sent in some troubleshooting logs, just like a good little camper

    Jennifer Shelamer of SnapperFish reviewed my logs and told me...
    The log says that SSL has failed because your server doesn't support either of the two 'cipher suites' (i.e encryption methods) SnapperMail has built in.

    We only support two because it makes SM about 10k bigger for each cipher suite we add, and there are actually 32 standard suites you can chose from. The two cipher suites SnapperMail does support are:

    // This is a 'medium' cipher and matches PalmOS 5.2's out of the box SSL crypto

    // This is a 'high' cipher for extra security

    The only solution is to request the server administrator to enable either one of these cipher suites on the server that's failing with SnapperMail. Both the existing suites mentioned above are part of the SSL standard and should be secure enough for most users. For most server administrators, enabling these cipher suites for use with SnapperMail should be a matter of simply 'clicking the checkbox' in their server admin tool.
    My response:

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $is$ $no$ $option$ $to$ $configure$ $Exchange$ $to$ $use$ $either$ $of$ $your$ $suggested$ $ciphers$. $In$ $fact$, $hitting$ $Google$ $with$ $these$ $searches$...

    RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA Exchange

    ...comes up with 15 hits, and 5 hits, respectively.
    The next response came from SnapperFish's senior Palm OS engineer, Stuart Nicholson.

    Hi, SnapperMail currently supports SSLv3 and has 4 SSL cipher suites enabled. We have a number of users communicating with Exchange Server via SSL without difficulty.

    SnapperMail currently supports the following cipher suites (these are their standard SSL names):

    1. "RC4-MD5"
    3. "RC4-SHA"

    If you're searching using Google you might have better luck with these strings.
    So...we've got ourselves a classic case of the left hand being ignorant of the right hand's actions...or are there too many SnapperFish in the sea?

    About this time I discovered that I can connect to the IMAPS server just fine with Outlook Express, but not with Eudora Pro. I figured that this meant there was a 50/50 chance that something was wrong on my end, so I decided to let sleeping dogs lie for a little while. anyone having success with SM and IMAPS from an EX2k3SP1 server? Because I sure ain't.


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