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    I've been struggling with this issue since upgrading to the 650 a few months ago. It appears that when using Datebk5+ (a "standard" as far as I am concerned), the 650 "loses" the information in the "location" field (in my case, from Outlook). I checked this forum (i.e. searched, posted questions, etc...) and couldn't find any solutions. I've also checked the Datebk5 Yahoo group and here's what I've found out:

    "DateBk5 uses the legacy datebook database, which has no
    location field and the Palm conduits have no option to append the location field on to an appointment so it will show up in DateBk5 or the legacy datebook. Pocket Mirror handled this issue quite nicely and the Palm dropped the ball on this one."

    I had actually purchased the upgraded version of PocketMirror (Standard XT) a few weeks back to see if it would help the problem, but it doesn't.

    Any ideas on how to get the location information from the Treo 650 datebook database into datebk5 for display? Is this a Palm issue or a datebk5 issue or a PocketMirror Standard XT?

    I am not technically savy, so I am not sure where to turn. (I've posted this same query on the Yahoo group). Any insights and help would be appreciated. If I can't get this fixed then I need to go back to the basic datebook functionality in the Treo 650, which is poor in my opinion.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't think there's going to be any simple fix. I'd go back to the Yahoo group and ask if the developer plans to incorporate support for the location field into a future release, and if so, when.

    Given that all the new palms have the new calendar DB, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before DB5+ supports it.

    (FWIW, I'd rather do without the location field than without DB5.)
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    Thanks for the input. I figured it wasn't going to be easy. FWIW, I am out of luck either way...Datebk5+ can't find the location field so the conference call information can't even be seen (either on the date view or in the "notes) and Calendar won't let you 'select' or 'tap' on a location to dial from a phone number even though you can see it.

    Anyone out there with a workaround?
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    Agendus 9.x-once it is stable on the 650.

    Anyone out there with a workaround?[/QUOTE]
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    This is unavoidable until DateBk5 is upgraded to work with the new databases. Not anytime soon I'm guessing as the databases are quite complex: they left the old databases intact and created new linked databases for the additional information. That means that at least DateBk5 can still run, but it also means that there is no rush to fix it. But I'm not sure why this is an issue for you, given the fact that even if the conduits would sync the fields to the built-in database, there is no location field in DateBk5 so you'd have to go to the native calendar application to see the location anyway. There is an alternative, however: I don't know if this works in Pocket Mirror, but in IntelliSync, if you map the location field of your PC calendar to the location field of the handheld, IS will append the location to the title of the appointment in parentheses. And that works both ways -- you can enter a location on the Palm in parentheses and it will get mapped to the location field on the desktop. And this is totally visible in dateBk5.


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