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    On my 600, when using the Treo calendar function, I seem to recall that if you hit "New," you had a couple of options, "task" being one. Now on my 650, when you hit it, it just instantly takes me to "set time," then to the specific line for that time on the calendar.

    What if I want to add a task now? It seems I have to go into my main menu, then to "Tasks, " THEN add a task. A lot of work to add something into the calendar. Anyone know if there's a way to get the "New" button to give me those options again?

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    From my understanding the calendar functionality in the 600 wasn't carried over to the 650 (who knows why), so many options may not be available. Personally, I use Datebk5+ (specifically the version for Treo 650) in place of the Calendar function and it works like a charm.
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    I know why! Ooh, ooh! Call on me!!!!

    Seriously. the calendar app in Handspring PDAs and Treos was a slightly feature limited version of Datebk3, licensed from Pimlico Software (who now are up to Datebk+ 5). Palm, most likely for reasons of money (why pay someone else for a product they already have), has chosen not to license Datebk+, and uses the standard Palm calendar app. It offers a few things Datebk+ doesn't (extra fields), introduces a raft of new bugs, and lacks all of Datebk+'s enhancements.
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    Hey thanks guys!

    Meyer, I can't quite tell from your post, are you endorsing Datebk+ 5, or saying it ain't all that? Should I just stick with the Treo calendar program? Can anyone recommend any others that I might investigate?

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    He's endorsing DB5

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceb
    He's endorsing DB5
    I am a registered user of Datebk5, but it seems to have an issue when used in an Exchange Activesync configuration (I may be wrong, but deleting it "fixed" syncing calendars items from the Treo 650 up to the Exchange Server).

    Be careful of all third-party apps, and search/read thoroughly--doublecheck people's configuration before you blindly follow their advice....

    All that said, I am going to start ending every post with a caution that there appears to be a serious problem with activesync in the Tre0 650

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