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    I sent several messages to Rand McNally but they're tech support doesn't seem to answer email so I'll ask here.

    I've been using StreetFinder for several weeks and while I think it's a good product it does have a few annoying bugs. At least I think they're bugs but want someone out there who is also using the product to confirm.

    First off, I have a problem when trying to place a marker using the menu sequence: Find|Name and then selecting Address book name. When I enter the search criteria it will find the name in my address book, but then when I select the name it will often popup a dialog stating that it can't place the marker. However, if I select Find Address and then enter the exact same address, it is able to place the marker in the correct location.

    Secondly, it sometimes can place a marker from the address book name, however, when it does it never places it in the correct location. Most of the time it sticks it out in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, or Pacific Ocean. I do have one friend who live on a boat but...

    Can someone who has StreetFinder please try this to see if it's a universal problem?


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    Downloading the latest build resolved my problem.

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