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    i was just wondering what all of you felt about the treo 650. i have been a handspring customer since their birth. visor-visor pro-visor prism-visor phone-targus recorder-eyemodule(both)-minijam-presenter to go-sprint airprime-treo 90-treo 300-treo 600-treo 650. i just does not seem to me that the buzz of the 650 is nearly as much as for the birth of the 600. it seems there are a lot of deficiencies in the 650 compared to the 600. sure the screen is better and the bluetooth is great, faster processor. but i upgraded to a 650 for myself and gave my 600 to my wife. after two days, i gave my wife the 650 and kept the 600. i am also a frequent reader of treocentral and it does not seem to me that there has been much, if any, new discussion on the 650 as with the 600. i love both devices, but have felt the 650 was a let down. am i off base? what do you guys think?

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    ...the "buzz" has been sort of killed, so to speak, for me by virtue of the fact that it's sort of "old news" now and yet I still can't even buy a GSM model, so when I finally do get my GSM 650, it will be less buzzworthy and more of a sigh of relief that I *FINALLY* got it what I read about a year before!
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    I think you're focusing on it too much. I don't think the 650 was meant to be the end-all be-all is merely an upgrade from the 600 with a few more features.
    It's like a 2003 to a 2004 Mustang...same basic car with maybe some new colors and few more options. BUT...oh but wait....the 2004 to 2005, now that's a change...that's something to get excited about. It's a WHOLE new car! Do you see my point?

    I have a love-hate relationship with my treo. It pisses me off to no end some days with some of the little things it does and I want to throw it out the window at 90mph. But then there are those days, like yesterday, where without, I would have been up **** creek without a paddle. I had left the office and was unable to return. Then a client calls and says, "I didn't get that analysis on our network that you were supposed to email me." Well lucky for me, I was able to retrieve the document right from my "My Documents" folder and emailed it to him within seconds...and he was never the wiser that I wasn't even in the office.

    So gripe if you will...go back to your 600 if you must...nothing wrong with that. But let's all remember can't make lemonade with oranges.

    Have a nice day!
    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again....P1 marketing is on par with a kid's lemonade stand: cute when you see it, easily forgetten, and always amatuerish.
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    millsda2, i'm not griping. but as trellus says, "it's old news." i do not remember this buzz kill from the 600 or even the prism. there was alwys great discussion on all of these devices, but this one seems to have died. the 650 is great, i guess i am looking for that end all device, the **** tracy device.

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    Aren't we all looking for that? The truth'll never be consistent. What may be the **** Tracy watch today, will be the Fred Flintstone sun timer tomorrow.
    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.

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