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    On my notebook, I installed the Sony VAIO bluetooth USB registry patch for win XP (from microsoft) in anticipation of using bluetooth on my soon to arrive 650. After the patch, I can't hotsync my 600 anymore. I get "connection between handhled and computer could not be established". I don't know if not having a bluetooth USB adapter at the time of the patch install caused this problem or not (it was asking to insert and remove the bluetooth USB adapter a few times during the install). Is there anyway to uninstall the patch? I've tried rebooting the notebook and the 600 several times to no avail. The hot sync user name is correct. Any tips to get my hotsync running again appreciated.
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    Funny, I have been running Bluetooth on my VAIO for a year, no patch on my WinXP.
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    Does you Vaio have built in bluetooth? Mine doesn't. The file name of the patch I installed is SOOOTH-00825000-US.

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