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    Given the memory problems of the 650, operating applications from the SD card is key.

    What applications are each of you using, successfully, from the cards...AND does the application data automatically store on the card, as well? For example, if I am operating HandyShopper from the card, does the data that I store on Handyshopper automatically store on the card or does it store in RAM?

    Apps that work:


    Don't work:

    Wine Enthusiast

    Please post your personal experiences.

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    Does Wine Enthusiast work with the Treo 650?
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    Things that don't work from the card:

    Diet and Exercise Assistant
    Bonzai - will work but won't sync
    SoundRec - WOrks when you record to memory and then export to SD card but not when you record directly to SD card.

    Of course anything that performs a monitoring function like Uninstall manager, TRreo Alarm, PowerUp, TrackerDog, etc might survive a trip to the card but they can not perform their intnded function from there.

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