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    This may be old news (if so I apologize for not seeing it) but if you're in Datebook+ on the daily view (on a *different* day than today) you can go directly to the daily view for *today* in one tap. Just tap on the single dot view button in the lower left corner.

    This will of course happen if you're in any other view that includes the current date (but not if the current date isn't included in the view you're on).
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    Assuming you have Datebook+ set as your default datebook, and single-day set as your initial view (the default), pressing the hardware datebook button will accomplish the same thing.
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    True enough, but only if you're *not* in Datebook+; otherwise pressing the button cycles through the views you have configured to display.

    My note was more for navigation while viewing a day view of future/past day and wanting to return to "today" without tapping "Go" and then "Today".
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    Maybe it's the way you have Datebook+ setup. On mine, if I am on a day other than today and press the datebook button, I go back to "today." At that point, repeated presses cycle you through the different views.

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