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    I'm really pissed at Handango. I bought VoiceDial through them, and was really enjoying the app until I had to replace my original 650. The registration code no longer works as it is tied to a device ID. I have tried to receive support from Handango four times now. Nothing. Anyone have success or tips for gettings these idiots to respond?
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    took me a month to get sorted out. email them five times a day.
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    Here try emailing them here at: and

    That seemed to get me a faster response. I tried emailing them via the p1 link and the handago form on their site and got nada. But i digged up a past email and used the email addresses listed above and i got a response within 24 hours. If worse comes to worse call their asses too. They try to bury their phone numbers but I found it:
    Phone: (817) 280-0129
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    How was the voicedial that comes with it? You didnt like it?

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