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    Hi, Marc.

    I apologize if you have gone through this before, but I couldn't find the info I'm looking for in the forum.

    Can you provide a clear explanation of the difference between "Syncing" and being "Online"?

    What does the IMAP IDLE command do?

    How does IDLE enable "push" email?

    Background for my questions:
    I've downloaded and installed ChatterEmail 1.0b17.9[52:6] on my brand new Treo 650. I first set it up to Sync my Inbox. The Sync seemed to work fine, but I found that the Green Arrows were on VERY often and that I was missing calls. I turned off Sync for the Inbox and I expected to have to do a QuickSync to get my latest emails, but instead I found that new emails were still being "pushed" to my Inbox even without Sync enabled. Is this the way it should work?

    I've read the ChatterEmail.doc, but still am not clear on the difference between being Online and Syncing.

    Thanks, Marc!

    PS. The "push" email capability totally rocks!

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    Synching is an on-demand or scheduled activity that connects up to your mail server, even if only to verify that there is no new mail. IMAP and IDLE combine to create instantaneous push. Basically, your treo authenticates against your mail server and then says "i'm going to sleep, wake me when something interesting happens" Only enough data is exchanged to keep the tcp connection up.

    If you go way back in this board's messages, you'll find Mark stating that the IDLE functionality is much better suited to GSM phones than CDMA phones, as the data session on GSM can be interrupted by an incoming voice call.

    Your description is a little confusing but it sure sounds like you have at least one mailbox set up to stay online all the time, you should not see mail getting pushed if you are set up to quicksync only. You'll probably continue to miss calls while this functionality exists due to CDMA's inability to interrupt data calls with voice calls.
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    Thanks for the info.

    To clarify a bit, I had turned off Sync, but my Inbox was still set to "online", and this is when I was still getting the Pushed email. That is why I wanted to understand the difference between Sync'ing and being Online/Offline. My Inbox is the only folder that I have set up.

    With Sync turned off, but the Folder "online", the green arrow usage seemed reasonable and I could receive calls. This is a reasonable situation, since I'm receiving pushed emails and getting calls, however, since Marc said that no one should have to run in non-sync mode, I wanted to figure out why it exhibits the following behavior for me:

    With Sync enabled, and the Folder online, I get excessive "green arrow" data usage. Using a Stop Watch, it seems that the Arrows are grey for 15 seconds, and then Green for 35 seconds, and this repeats continuously. It even appears that the green time seems to be increasing. This means that I can't receive calls for more than 50% of the time (I've tried calling my phone and it rolls to voicemail whenever the green arrows are on).

    Marc, would a Log from Chatter help diagnose this?


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    Are you using VZW? I used Chatter with the Treo600 and when I was in online/sync mode I experienced the same level of "excess" green arrow activity. In addition to missing calls, this caused excess battery drainage. But I don't think that the green arrow issue was solely a Chatter issue as when I shut down chatter, I would still get the same frequency of green arrow activity, even with no applications running. After a number of conversations with VZW CSR's and a number of wireless industry contacts, my conclusion was that VZW's 1XRTT data network was to blame as it excessively pings the data devices to insure that the network connection remains constant. If you are using your Treo primarily for email, then this is not a problem. But if you want to get calls and emails, this set up is not preferable.

    So, I switched to Sprint and a Treo 650 last week and things are many times better. The green arrow activity is much less than VZW. If you have a good signal, you will have 0% green arrow activity unless you are forcing an active data connection. And with respect to missing calls to voicemail, this has been a non-issue as all of my calls have rung through. Hope this helps.
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    I'm on Sprint, and the excessive Green Arrow activity only happens when I have Chatter set to Sync. Without Chatter or with Chatter in no sync, Green Arrow Activity is okay.

    Here's my config:

    Sprint PCS Vision
    Treo 650
    ChatterEmail 1.0b17.9[52:6]
    (No other 3rd party apps yet)
    IMAP Server = Oracle Collaboration Suite Release 2 (


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    dchk3nv9 - May I call you dc? Let me suggest that you make me a log of an hour's activity so that I can see what's going on. My first guess is that your server doesn't support IDLE, and that you should be using Chatter in "offline" mode. But of course, it's just a guess...

    Feel free to write me at (but remind me what it's about, since brain cell loss is acute).


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