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    Any Critique Re: Franklin Planner? Good, Bad or Indifferent?

    Dave B (Grandpa Geek)"If it ain't broke, don't fix it yet!
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    Do a search on this forum for "Franklin" and it will turn up a few posts. A couple mention the inability to sync with USB. One also mentions a Franklin discussion forum with lots of Palm and Visor posts.
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    Check out:

    He reviews The F. Planner and also offers his method of working within the Covey philosophy on a PDA using other apps. I really enjoy his thoughts. - Michele
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    The product programatically captures the entire Franklin-Covey system, and allows you to use it on both the desktop and the Visor. The intricacies of the F-C system (some would say complexity) are philosophically not in step with some people's personalities. For more on F-C's system, goto their website:

    If you are not interesed in the F-C system, there are better software solutions. The software is expensive (~$100), and works best for users who use their Visors as a supplement to their desktop or laptop PC. The desktop version of the software (NOT the Outlook version) duplicates many of the functions of the Visor's desktop software, and this may be source of much trouble for users who have both desktops installed. Sorry Mac users, but F-C have not updated their Mac product in a long time.

    If you have not seen the [b]combined[b/] F-C system, do so before you invest in this package. As a long time Franklin system user, I was initially very disappointed with the added bagage of the combined system. I'm still not over the initial shock, but I'm going to give it some more time.

    I'm running the F-C for Outlook product, and most of my planning activities take place on my PC. However, I wish I had known about Jeff Kirvin's web site, and given his system a shot. I would have had to move the focus of my planning activities to the Visor, but I could have saved $100 (or at least deferred it). That said, I am not so unhappy with F-C's product that I've stopped using it; and I don't see that changing until the next upgrade (when I'm going to have to re-evaluate).

    THE BAD - -
    Too many of the applications are fat:
    [Daily] Compass 104K
    DRE (Daily Record of Events) 14K
    Goals 103K
    Mission [Statement] 23K
    MTL (Master Task List) 93K
    Roles 29K
    Task List 116K
    Values 27K
    Yeah. I've got data in there, but not all that much really (e.g. Task List has ~3 dozen records). Note that Goals is empty! This is not the application for the non-VDx crowd (almost 400K without any data).

    The following apps do NOT support the private field: DRE, Goals, Mission, Roles and Values. I would have been happy to leave the latter four items on my desktop only, but I understand that the less desktop centric probably really like having these apps on their Visor.

    F-C should have found a way to use the regular To Do list and Memo applications. By this I mean enhance the built-in apps a la DateBook+. Duplication is not good!

    Task List fails to auto-forward uncompleted tasks from previous days (something that works on the desktop).

    THE GOOD - -
    The conduit (at least for the Outlook version) works well. Can't comment on USB syncs, as there is as of yet no driver for Win2K (Handspring's fault - not F-C's fault).

    MTL does give the option of moving tasks to either the date book or the Task List, and Task List supports moves to MTL or date book.

    By and large, the Palm apps offer similar functionality to the desktop apps.

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