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    Twice now I've been bitten by a problem where my Treo650 would not HotSync. When I pressed the HotSync button, the HotSync screen came up and said trying to connect but eventually timed out. Nothing happened on the PC side.

    The first time this happened I did a hard reset + BackupMan and it went away.

    This time I tried disabling my security app OnlyMe v5.10b and voilą! it worked. So OnlyMe was blocking the HotSync. (Duh, I should have tried this the first time...)

    I noticed that if I went to the OnlyMe "Log" tab and cleared the log, that also fixed the problem and allowed me to HotSync with OnlyMe enabled.

    I have contacted the developer with this information. There's probably not many OnlyMe users out there, but hopefully they find this thread if they have the same problem.

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    Thanks for posting the info. I am migrating all my apps from the Treo 300 to 650 and OnlyMe 2.36 is one of my apps I like very much. I will eventually upgrade to version 5 because of your post.

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